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Bintac digital control 12v DC/110v AC 4500Psi oil Free air compressor 

Advanced digital control system,you can set auto shut off pressure,read

pressure,volt,temperature on the digital display.

You can select bar or psi reading,built with accurate pressure sensor,accuracy is 1%12v DC&110v AC:built-in 110v power supply.

Filling airguns by truck battery or 12v DC battery when you in the field,when you shoot around house,you can use 110v household power to run the compressor and charge the airgunBuilt-in temperature sensor stop compressor from overheating

Portable desgin:the compressor is only 7.5kg,it is the lightest 12v compressor with built in power supply,you can easily take it out when you need to shoot outdoor,enjoy shooting pcp Fast charging speed:for a 500cc tank,it takes 8 minutes to fill from 3000psi to 4500psi,it takes 20-22 minutes from 0-4500psi,the flow rate is 8L/minutes

Advanced control display of 12v pcp air compressor

  • in the display you can read the volt,set pressure,filling pressure and temperature
  • Auto shut off when the pressure reach the set pressure
  • Auto shut off if it is overheating
  • You can change Bar to PSI or change PSI to Bar reading to match your airgun gauge

New digital control 12v DC/110v AC 4500Psi oil Free air compressor

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